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Instagram is free social media platform that is used for sharing the pictures, views and short videos with friends. You can change the size, color and font of any picture as well as small size of videos and also can upload it with the help of mobile app. Instagram profile is the most important thing in this platform, so it on user choice that he want to keep its profile hidden for public or not. But the users cannot hide their profile from their users. If you want that your posts are easy for searching to other users then Instagram offer you to use hashtags and also add captions on their all posts. If the user want to publish his post to public then it is important to tag other people.

You can use an Instagram account like other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and others. You can like, comment and share the posts posted by other people. There is also the facility of direct message to any single account as well as groups. The main feature of Instagram is that you can share pictures through your Instagram account to other social accounts including Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Instagram has dual benefits i.e. you can use this account for personal as well as business purposes. The main advantage for companies is that Instagram offers a free business account that is used for publicity of products and brands. Most people use Instagram for the advertisement of their stories and also business structures. According to a fresh report, more than half business users say they discover new products with the help of Instagram. So mostly people stress to buy bulk Instagram accounts for their business.

History of Instagram

This amazing social platform was created by Kevin System and Mike Krieger in San Francisco. Initially, they wanted to turn Instagram into a foursquare platform. But the features of this platform were able for photo-sharing platform. It is the second-largest social networking site. The first picture that was posted on Instagram was a dog and her name was Dolly. Dooly was Kevin Systerm’s dog and the time of its picture posting, it was a puppy.

This platform was untied in IOS on Oct 6, 2010, with the help of iTunes but in Android, it was released on April 3, 2012. It was seen by 25 thousand people on the first day of its invention. Compared to the rest of social media, it has grown in popularity and reached 40 million active users in just two years after its invention. Facebook loved its popularity and bought this amazing and rapidly increased platform in 1 billion US dollars. Instagram was based solely on photo sharing, that was later updated and the facility of 15 seconds video add in it in 2013. Video size was increased to 60 seconds in 2016. Till 2015, Instagram allows sharing a picture of the square aspect ratio but later the company has increased it at full size. If we talk about its dealing, huge numbers of people buy bulk Instagram accounts.

Timeline of Instagram history

As you know that it was launched on October 6, 2010. But in December 2010, the users of Instagram increased up to 1 million that was a record of much popularity. According to a report of Instagram on August 3, 2011, there were above 150 million pictures were posted on Instagram. On September 20, 2011, a new version 2.0 was introduced that have the feature of four new features.

The speed of its popularity increased and on September 26, 2011, it was above 10 million. In the beginning, it was launched in jus IOS but on April 3, 2012, it can be used for Android. Such growing popularity of Instagram attracted Facebook and Facebook bought it on April 19, 2012. Now Instagram has updated its system and a new feature was introduced that was photo pages for the web.

Instagram popularity has not diminished and reached up to 80 million on July 26, 2012. On December 21, 2012, Instagram was introduced in 25 different languages. Initially, there was no concept of tagging pictures but this feature was introduced on May 2, 2013. It was launched on picture posting base but later on June 20, 2013, videos were introduced on Instagram.

There was no concept of sending private messages and pictures to friends and follower and users can only post their pictures on content. But on December 12, 2013, this feature was added in it. It has maintained its popularity speed from the date of invention to till now and on December 1, 2014, active users were 300 million. On December 15, 2016, these were 600 million and today the numbers of active users are more than 1 billion. So due that it is counted world 2nd largest social networking site.

Features of Instagram

As you know that social media has great importance for a human being. Business is the most famous and important source of gaining popularity and money. So Instagram has all those features which are important to make an Instagram best platform. Instagram is not that platform that could be used for a single purpose. But you can get help through the tricks of Instagram those are important for publicity of your products and business. There are many uses of Instagram like it can be used personally, but the major use of Instagram is in business.

There are lot numbers of other social sites but all these sites cannot give many important and useful tools like Instagram. In the beginning, there were not many numbers of tricks of Instagram but after time passed, the Instagram update its features. Due to that, there is no other social network that could compare Instagram through its features.

1. Getting notification from important accounts

Sometimes, it is possible that you follow your favourite personality and also want to get the notification of that account posting. Because the posted from that account is important for you. All this is possible through turning on the notification system. The main benefit of this feature is that you can turn on notification of all your chosen accounts individually.

If you want to get notification facility, then you should visit that account profile which is your personality. Press on three horizontal dots those are held on the upper right side. These dots are known as a menu bar. When you press on these dots, you will get some options and you should simply press the option of a turn on notification. Then you will be able to get a notification when any picture will be posted from that account. After sometimes if you want to close the notification, just simply adopt the same method.

It should be kept in mind that you can also activate and deactivate notification in the Instagram app through your mobile device. If you are using iPhone and iPad then click on setting and then press on the notification. Then select Instagram and then turn on the “Allow notifications”.

If you are using Android device then click on settings, select app and then best social site Instagram. After it presses on the show notifications. This feature is the main cause of buy bulk Instagram accounts.

2. See all liked posted

It is the best to feature of Android because with the help of this feature it is possible to see those posted which are liked by you. You can adopt this action in your own Instagram profile. It is an important thing that in Android device, the option button is in 3 dots shape but in iPhone and iPad it is a gear icon. After clicking on it, you will get some options and press on your required option “posts you have liked”.

It is also an option of dislike those posts which are liked by you. You can adopt this option without any problem because it will be hidden by posted account. Select your liked post and then press an option of “heart” that is held in below. You liked post will automatically become dislike.

3. Use a single device for multiple accounts

Sometimes, it is possible that a single Instagram account cannot fulfil your requirements. So it is necessary for creating multiple accounts but it is difficult to manage many devices for multiple accounts. So this feature is best for those people those have both businesses as well as a personal account. Because other sites users are facing the problem of this issue and it is impossible for them to manage more than one account in the same device.

It is easy to manage more than one account on an Android device. Simply click on three horizontal dots. You will get some options and lower you will see the option of “Add Account”. Here you can add your required account with username and password.

To separate both profiles, you can make a navigation bar between profile pictures of all related accounts. Another method of switch account from one to another is through setting option. Due to this feature, most people prefer to buy bulk Instagram accounts rather than others.

4. Schedule posting

It is counted as an amazing feature of Instagram. Because no other social site gives this useful feature. Commonly, you can post pictures and videos as a daily routine through the app. But you can set schedule posting through Instagram with the help of a computer. And it is easy to set any post for 24 hours or according to your need. So there is no problem of any technical issue because when you set schedule posting, your required posting will be automatically sent to required account.

You can avail this feature through a social media scheduling tool known as Hub spot but this tool could be used for only Instagram business account. It is also a useful feature that you can connect your Instagram business account with a Facebook business page. Mostly Instagram user’s buy bulk Instagram accounts for connecting with a Facebook business page. The people those buy bulk Instagram accounts can enjoy this facility.

5. Optimize your Instagram bio

As we discussed in the beginning that all human beings want to get popularity. So getting this goal, Instagram is the best social media platform that can help you a lot. You real-life friends, relatives and neighbours are you, friends, on social media but it needs to increase the number of followers and audience for promoting your brands.

Your old followers and audiences are the main source of increasing the numbers of audiences. And for this purpose, it is important to show your profile in Instagram explore page. For example, there are some browsers like Fitness, Style, Science and some others of Instagram. Now if you want to promote your business and brand then it is important to hashtags your posts with these words, so through this most people will visit your page and as a result, the numbers of your followers will be increased.

6. Instagram stories

Instagram stories are the latest feature of Instagram and also important for especially business accounts. This amazing feature was an invention in August 2016 but it also updates from time to time and a lot of numbers of features were also added in it. It works like Snapchat and you can upload your favourite picture, video and moment of your life. Your posted picture appeared for one day on your timeline. You can use multiple pictures and moments and these will appear in slide bar i.e. these will be appearing one by one. These pictures should be disappearing after 240 hours. An important thing here keeps in mind that you can post written words as Instagram stories.

You can set pictures, videos, text, stickers and filters as your Instagram stories. Although due to new updated of Instagram stories you can add your favourite songs as stories. The main feature of the stories is that you can know that who is watching your posted stories and you can also see the list of all your viewers. If you are using private account then your stories will appear only for your followers. And you can also keep hidden your stories from your followers also.

But in a business account, it is impossible to hide your stories from the public because it is the best way to publish your brand pictures and videos to others for promoting your brand and business. Sometimes it could be a problem of posting Instagram stories on your timeline then Instagram offers you to post your Instagram stories on your profile. You can get this feature on IOS as well as Android both.

7. Private pictures sending

This feature looks like text messages. Because through this feature, it is possible to send pictures to your friends and followers. However, Instagram is the most useful and famous social platform for content sharing. But sometimes, you want to post some pictures to any specific friends or also want to send in friends or customers groups. It works like Facebook.

It is possible to send new pictures to other people as well as old pictures that have already sent or stock in your mobile record. If you want to send a picture to your required person, then upload the chosen picture and edit it to make according to your choice. Then open share page and press on direct message. Through that, you can select the account where you want to send a picture.

If you want to set access on your direct message then press on the mailbox that would be held on the upper side of your homepage. Sometimes you want to send an old picture to any account, then open that picture and then you will see the option of a paper aeroplane. When you click on it, then it is time to select the receiver account. A lot of numbers of companies buy bulk Instagram accounts for contacting customers through this feature.

Instagram PVA accounts

At the time of the creation of Instagram accounts then it should be needed for a phone number. Because Instagram PVA accounts are safe from non-verified accounts. These accounts could be used safely and there is no doubt of blocking these accounts. As you know that Instagram keeps safe its security, so phone verification is must process for accounts creation. Otherwise, accounts cannot remain safe for a long time. These accounts are must for business because the ability of marketing of these accounts is larger than other accounts. So for getting better results from your online business, the use of Instagram PVA accounts is essential.

Buy phone verified Instagram accounts

Instagram is the most used social networking site that is important for social marketing business. For getting the benefits from Instagram, it is important to buy phone verified accounts. Phone verified accounts are the first choice for business because these accounts are authentic and also best for business purpose. So if you want to buy phone verified accounts for your business with high qualities then it is important to contact us. Because our company has enough stock of all types of Instagram accounts those have all those qualities which you are looking for a business.

Can you buy a fake Instagram account?

Dealing with Instagram is against the terms and conditions of social media. So it is illegal to buy fake Instagram accounts. But there are some officially companies those can deal with Instagram accounts and it is important to buy just from these companies. If you need, then visit our website and buy Instagram accounts from us.

How much is a 20k Instagram account worth?

Instagram is the most important social platform that is used for business. So the numbers of followers increased the strength of Instagram accounts. If you need 20k followers Instagram account, then you should pay some much money, if you buy from another company. But you can buy these types of accounts from us, you should pay 100$ to 500$.

Who is the highest paid Instagrammer?

Instagram is that famous social platform that paid to those who have lot numbers of followers. According to a fresh report of Instagram, Kylie Jenner is the highest-paid Instagrammer and she paid about $1.2 million for a single post.

How many Instagram accounts can you make in one day?

You can use unlimited accounts of Instagram for a different purpose. But if you want to create these accounts own self then Instagram gives the permission of only 5 accounts creation included terms and conditions. An important thing in it is that you can use a single email address for a single Instagram account.

How do I create bulk Instagram accounts?

Bulk Instagram accounts are very essential for business. So most companies need it. But it is impossible to create bulk Instagram accounts.  Because according to the law of Instagram you cannot create multiple with a single email address. So if you need then contact our website for bulk Instagram accounts because we are officially certified for dealing with Instagram accounts.

Final thoughts

Social media has great importance in the modern era because it has mostly benefited those are required for the modern generation. The 1st largest social media platform is Facebook and 2nd is Instagram. But Instagram is more suitable for business purpose.  You can use this platform for a different purpose but there is no alternative of Instagram for business. Buy bulk Instagram accounts is the main reason for advanced companies. So you can also promote your brand through social media with the help of phone verified Instagram accounts. Visit our company, order according to your need and enjoy the social marketing business.